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23.8 inch Projected Capacitive touch screen panel PCAP/PCT EETI/ilitek Controller

23.8 inch Projected Capacitive touch screen panel PCAP/PCT EETI/ilitek Controller, 


Technical parameters: 
1.COVER LENS for chemical enhanced glass;
2.FPC interface line is USB and I2C compatible;
3.IC:ILI2511(TX15*RX28),5 Touch Points, IO voltage 3.3V;
4.Working voltage:5V, interrupt mode: pull-down pulse;
5.Resolution: automatic identification (customer request); Origin: top left;
6.Surface hardness is greater than 6H;
7.The transmittance is above 86%;
8.Unmarked tolerance is plus or minus 0.2mm;
9.Products conform to RoHS standards.

Technology PCAP/PCT (Projected Capacitive)
Model  CPI238T00-3K-C00
Size  23.8"
Number of Touches Multi Touch (10 Points)
Input Methods Finger
Passive stylus
Dimensions Available Sizes from 7" to 86"
Light Transmittance ≥85% ± 3%
Overall Thickness 3.4mm 
Cover Glass Thickness 2.8mm tempered glass
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare Option
Anti-Fingerprint Option
Anti-Bacterial Option
Privacy Filters Option
Colored Borders Option
Printed Icons Option
Customizable Serivce Bonding LCD
Durability Over 50 million touches in one location
Positional Accuracy ± 2.0mm
Interface USB, I2C, Serial/Com
Report Rate >100 Hz
Operating System Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Utilities Multiple lcd/led monitor 
Various touch modes  Touch zones
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Humidity 95% (Non Condensing)
Safety Approvals CE FCC
Warranty 1-year limited warranty
Note Actual technical specifications are dependent on multiple design variables including touch IC and screen size. Values above are for reference only.

23.8 inch Projected Capacitive touch screen panel PCAP/PCT EETI/ilitek Controller 

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